What is a Podcast?

Fifty Podcast compBWhat the heck is a podcast?

The simplest way to describe it is as, on-demand radio. We record it, you listen to it whenever and wherever you want. While podcasts can be audio or video, this podcast is audio only.

The Fifty Shades Fan Podcast is a weekly audio podcast where a couple Fifty Shades of Grey Fans will get together and discuss a variety of topics related to Fifty Shades of Grey.  Topics vary from Fan Fiction, Parodies, Chapter by Chapter and interviews with other amazing authors you may enjoy.  The show is typically recorded live on Mixlr.com, processed and then added to the RSS feed, which allows you to listen to at your convenience on the device of your choice.  If you’re listening live on Mixlr, you can join the chat room to discuss topics on the show with other fans who are also listening. You can also tweet us with the hashtag #FSPodcast

Where can I listen?

You can listen to the show live on Mixlr, or later when the show has been archived. You can subscribe and listen through a variety of different podcast players: Apple Podcast App, Google Play Store, Stitcher, Downcast, Pocket CastsDoggCatcher Podcast PlayerMixlr App for iPhone and Mixlr App for Android. There are plenty of others out there too, but those are some of the most popular apps for iPhone and Android.

Listen to the show live:

Fifty Shades Fan Podcast is on Mixlr

Join the chat room using the apps for iPhone and Android.

Where can I subscribe so I don’t miss an episode?
Google Play Store
Tune In
iHeart Radio

Is the show available on this website?

Each show has a dedicated page, each includes a player for the episode and show notes and links pertaining to that episode.

You like the show and want to know how if there’s anything you can do to help?

We always enjoy feedback, either email to latersbaby50(at)gmail.com, audio feed back (the Voice Memo App on the iPhone is great for this), chat with others in the chat room. But the biggest help is rating the show on whatever app you’re listening from. It helps raise the ratings so others will find us too.

Here’s a great video that explains step by step how to subscribe to a podcast in iTunes from The Podcast Answer Man: