Episode #98 – 50X50Vancouver

This weeks show was recorded live on Thursday, April 21, 2016, you can listen live and join the chat room on Mixlr.

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Chapter 7 of Fifty Shades Darker
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1. What did you learn from Fifty Shades of Grey?
2. Where do you listen to the podcast?
3. How did you find the show?
4. Favorite Quote from the series?

5. What is your favorite “toy” in Fifty Shades of Grey series? Use #FSPodcast100toy on twitter

Prize: Virgo Bullet from Kimberly (Episode 41, 50, 51, 61)

6. Send silly introductions for each of us on the podcast

Vanessa @LatersbabyUK
Elsa @emlight60

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This week I recommend Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris

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