Episode 94 – Praying To The Throbcast Girls

This weeks show was recorded live on Thursday, March 17, 2016, you can listen live and join the chat room on Mixlr.

The British Book Industry Awards
Chapter 4 of Fifty Shades Darker (screenshot discussed is below)
Casting in Darker
Bella Heathcoat Interview
Mags for President – Shirts are available!

Vanessa @LatersbabyUK
Elsa @emlight60
Mags @Magslatersbaby

Listener Poem from after Podcast #90

“Queen Erika’s Dream”
by Trenae Sumter

“All hail Queen Erika,
of Fiftytopia fandom
for she created two special lovers
who captured our hearts at random.
We had no expectation of becoming so enthralled,
we literally kept on reading
as we walked into walls.
Again and again we read this story.
We couldn’t seem to walk away.
From precious, yet strong sweet Ana
and the billionaire Christian Grey.
He was a Dom, alpha, brooding, selfish
despite wealth and his adorable face.
We wondered if Ana might contemplate
running away, and leaving no trace.
But alas, Queen Erika would wave her wand
and help us to ascertain
Christian the child was brutalized
by a monster with a cigarette’s flame.
And let’s not forget Elena the witch
who abused him when he was fifteen.
Started a dark path of self hate
and destroyed his soul’s esteem.
Yet Ana was a pink glittering mist of light-
he tried bravely to follow.
In spite of the space encasing his heart
Christian was convinced was hollow.
We read it, we read it, we read it AGAIN.
Until we had to find other sisters
who loved this sexy, full of action, intense-
romance of Ana and Grey, her “Mister.”
Always haters in every land,
but our loyalty to the Queen,
will engulf her and gently surround
Fiftytopia—Queen Erika’s dream.

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