Episode 87 – Arm Porn and Man Pecks (Oscars, France, Jamie and Dakota too)

This weeks show was recorded live on Thursday, January 14, 2016, you can listen live and join the chat room on Mixlr.

How Jamie learns his lines
Jamie Dornan in Burnt (video below)
Dakota in UK Vogue
Erika and James Foley in France
Vote for WattPad Story of the Year – Persistence of Memory by Scarlett Drake
Congratulations to Team 50 and The Weeknd for the Oscar Nomination
Raspberries for the 6 Razzie Nominations
Dakota Johnson on Jimmy Fallon on January 20, 2016
Jamie Dornan does needle point

Vanessa @LatersbabyUK
Elsa @emlight60
Mags @Magslatersbaby

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