Meet: Jazz

JazzImageWhat is your name? Jazz

Where are you from? Florida

How did you come to read Fifty Shades of Grey?

My first time reading Fifty Shades was on my husband’s tablet when I was privileged with a mere sample. I was hooked by page 60 and there was no turning back. Pretty sure hubby wasn’t too happy with his tablet at that moment though. haha!

Did you read an actual book or an ebook?

I listened to all three books on Audio. Then eventually read the actual books.

Which is your favorite book in the series?

Darker is by far my favorite.

What is your favorite scene in the series?

The moment when Christian comes home after the helicopter accident, up to when Ana gives the key chain. When she thought he was gone, I was crying with her! And when she accepted his proposal I was jumping up and down giddy! Hehe.

How many times have you read the series? Between audio and paperback… I’ve lost count. Lol! Perhaps more than 10 times.

Outside of Fifty Shades of Grey, what is your favorite book, series or author?

Currently my favorite book/ series is The Collide series by Gail McHugh.

If you were to meet E L James today, what 2 questions would you ask her?

Though another Fifty book is unlikely for now, when should we expect her new book?

And what should we anticipate it will be about?

Have you had any unique experiences because of your love of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Well, I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people. Was privileged with being Admin/Manager on the Fifty Shades Worldwide page on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve made some really cool trailers on YouTube that have done really well. Thank you all for that! And of course being on the amazing Fifty Shades Podcast. Also, the Fifty Soiree this summer in Seattle. Totally looking forward to that! Overall it’s been a great experience and I’ve made some really great friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

What scene are you most looking forward to in Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie?

Oh… I want everything. The interview, the moment Ana says his name for the first time before the elevator doors close. The bar, the Heathman, the elevator, the red room, the spankings, the love, the heartache, Georgia, oh there are so many great scenes… I want them all!

Where can people find you on the web?
Facebook: Fifty Shades Worldwide 2
Twitter: @50shadesworld
YouTube: Jazz Rey-Quin