Fifty Shades of Thankful in November

In honor of US Thanksgiving in November, I thought I would do a little something to give back to the listeners of the Podcast and give opportunities to be on the Podcast. I’m looking for listeners who want to come on the show to talk about one of two thanksgiving themed topics:

  • An interesting story, experience, life change – your chance to tell everyone the impact that Fifty Shades of Grey had on you
  • What you are thankful for from Fifty Shades of Grey in 2014

Ways you can appear on the show:

  • Be live guest on the show
  • We can pre-record a brief interview, which will be aired on the show
  • You can record yourself answering any of the above questions and email the file to me, I will include it in a show (these can be emailed to me:
  • You can email your written story to me and I will include it in the show

How to contact me to be on the show:

  • send an email to letting me know which topic you want to discuss
  • use the “Contact Us” form on the site
  • send me a DM on Twitter @50latersbaby
  • send a Facebook message

Notes about being on the show:

Live and pre-recorded interviews are via Skype (the service and calls are free)

I must speak to all guests before the show, I cannot accomodate live guests that I have not connected with prior to the show

I may alter show times to accommodate different guests, so even if you can’t normally make live shows you may be able to in November.