Voicemail Feedback

To allow more feedback and interaction with the show, we have opened up a Voicemail Hotline, the phone number is: (347) 676-0322

Just call and leave feedback for the show and we’ll add it either as soon as we can or to match an upcoming show topic.

When you call make sure you leave your name!

Of course calling to leave a voicemail is not the only option. You are always welcome to record a message and email (latersbaby50@gmail.com) it to us. It’s easy to do from your phone:

iPhone Users:

The iPhone has a nifty and easy to use Voice Memos app, it comes on your phone and you can’t delete it so you might as well use it to send us feedback. You can record a message on the app and email it to us. The nice thing is that if you don’t like the message the first time you can always re-record it. If you need some help with the app, I found a nice guide to using the app to guide you.

Android Users:

I’ve never used an Android phone, but I hear that Google Now has some voice recording option on it that’s easy. But if you prefer another app or I just got back advice, I found a website that lists a couple different free apps you can use for this and will allow you to email the feedback to us.

As always you can send us an email with feedback and questions to latersbaby50@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

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