Feedback on Grey

I’ve had several requests for people to come on the show to discuss the new book Grey.  Unfortunately, I’m just not able to have everyone on the show, but found a way for listeners to contribute and be on the show. Whether you’ve ever wanted to be on the show or not, now’s your chance!

I would like to put together a show with YOUR feedback on Grey.

Below I will list a few questions about Grey that you can send feedback on and a few survey questions where you can just click a box.

Deadline: November 1, 2015

I’ve had to extend this from the August cut off because I will not have time to put the show together for September.

Poll questions will be open indefinitely.

How to leave feedback

Because the Fifty Shades Fan Podcast is an audio show, audio feedback is best! I have a whole page developed, voicemail feedback, with a couple different options for leaving audio feedback. If you’re not able to leave audio feedback, you can still participate in the survey questions or email some answers, but a limited number of emailed answers will be added to the show.

When you leave feedback, make sure you include your name and where you’re from (optional).  If you would like credit in the show notes also give us your Twitter or Instagram handle too!

You can answer one or all of the questions, just let us know which question you’re answering when leaving the feedback. Please keep responses to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Question #1

Was Grey what you expected?

Questions #2

What did you like and what was missing?

Question #3

Was Christian how you pictured him?

Question #4

What was the biggest surprise about Christian?

Question #5

What was the most surprising relationship in Grey?

Question #6

What is your favorite scene from Christian’s POV?

Question #7

What scene or event changed your impression of Christian?

Poll Questions

Which book do you prefer?

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Was Christian what you expected?

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What relationship with Christian surprised you most?

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Do you have a new favorite secondary character because Grey?

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Did the book change your opinion of Kate?

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Have you read Grey in English and another language? What did you think?

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