Escala-210In April of 2012, with my friend Mags, I started Latersbaby.net a Fifty Shades of Grey Fansite.  After a while I had the urge to do more and find a new way to connect with fans. As an avid Podcast listener, I always wanted to have my own. I decided to put these two interests together and started the Fifty Shades Fan Podcast.

All I needed to do was figure how and when to start it.  After spending too much time considering this, I decided to start one year before the release of Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie. On February 13, 2014, with the help of a few Fifty Shades of Grey fans, I recorded and broadcast the first live Fifty Shades Fan Podcast!

The show is typically recorded live each week, discussing a wide range of topics related to Fifty Shades of Grey.  Anything from a chapter by chapter analysis of the series, to an author interview. As Alice Clayton says, it’s edutainment! I hope you enjoy the show and love to hear feedback from fans!


  • clio13

    not an EC135 but an EC130 😉

    • http://www.latersbaby.net/ Laters, Baby – Crissy

      How can you tell?

  • clio13

    on the book Charly Tango it’s an EC135 but on the film (photo) it’s an EC130

  • Mike Ciaraldi

    In the books, Christian mentions that Charlie Tango is an EC135 and has two engines. The EC130 and 135 look similar (the 135 is slightly narrower but bigger overall), but the 130 only has one engine. The 135 is also roughly twice as expensive, at $4.2 million new. News reports say that a 130 was used for filming.