Episode #78 – Niall Leonard’s Crusher Series

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What’s going on in LA?
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Niall Leonard Trivia
What did he give Erika for their first Christmas? can opener (Guardian Article)
Why does he live in West London? The weather is better (website)
Where did he study English? University of York (website)
Where did he study to be a screenwriter and director? The UK National Film and Television school. (website)
What was his first broadcast director work? Phil and Arthur go off (website)
What did Niall watch while Erika was writing Fifty Shades of Grey? The Sopranos and The Wire (Guardian)
How long did Niall think they could survive on the income from sales of Fifty Shades of Grey when Erika quit her job? 6 months (Guardian)
Niall’s favorite beer? Badger Golden Glory
What beer that Niall likes was featured in Fifty Shades Darker? Adams Explorer
Best meals he makes? Sunday Roast and Fish Pie